Sunday, February 6, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge - Day 4

My Evening

This is my Saturday night. I should be working on an eight page paper that is due on Monday for my Organizational Management class, but instead I am lost in my Principles of Marketing textbook for the class that starts on Tuesday. I have to have four chapters read by this upcoming Thursday and I thought that I would get a bit of a head start on it this know, anything to delay the paper that I SHOULD be doing.

The thing is, I am LOVING, absolutely loving my Principles of Marketing textbook. I guess that means that I have chosen a good major, right? I am even enjoying taking extensive notes on everything that I read. I think I am just a giant nerd...yep, pretty much.

At some point tonight, I will push the book aside and get cracking on an outline. I just want to finish the third chapter first. I have two pages left.


thefaeryinn said...

We are eerily alike that way. The nerdiness, I mean. If only I could be that eager about dishes...LOL.