Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Melody Memory

Okay, so on my dad's computer, I found an MP3 of a song that I recorded with one of my voice teacher's other students six or so years ago. He was a songwriter. He wrote the song and did the guitar part in the middle. I went to his house one afternoon, learned the song and recorded it. He then mixed it a bit. It isn't the best song by any means. I am picky and I don't like the background vocals and there are some low notes that I think sound horrid. But it was still fun to listen to it. So, I placed it on here in case you are bored and felt like listening. My favorite part is the key change near the end of the song. Other than that, it's just okay. But any ol' way. Enjoy!

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Shaylondon said...

You have a great voice. I really like that song. Glad to have you here in AZ. It's too bad Steve couldn't be here too. I know thought bender would love to see him.

kpjara said...

Love the song! Love the lyrics. I could only hear background vocals near the end and you're right the key change is really beautiful!

I hope you're still singing! I love the idea of "wholeheartedly".