Saturday, August 5, 2006

Rough Waters

A friend of mine wrote a post called Help Sent on her Blog that got me thinking. So in relation to her post, here is my little story.

I remember when DH and I were moving from our apartment in Glendale into our house in Surprise. I had a beta fish. I took him from his usual home and placed him in a glass bowl. He sat on my lap during our car ride. I watched from above as the fish basically freaked out. The car was moving and when we'd go over bumps and what not, he'd swim all over the bowl frantically. Who knows what he was thinking. Are fish even capable of thought? LOL. Anyway, it made me think that we are a lot like that fish. When we face rough times..when the water is rising around us, we get scared. The whole time I looked down at the fish and told him that it was okay. I knew the outcome. I knew that soon we'd be at our new house and he'd be placed on a counter top where waters would be still. Peace was coming for the little fish.

And in the same manner, God looks down into "our fishbowls" and He too is letting us know that it will be okay. He too knows the final outcome before we ever do. So, while we are frantically swimming around in our bowls, if we'd just calm down and be at peace, eventually we would see what God sees.


Nellie Bellie said...

Great!!! I see the light and it is shining bright :o)

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Great analogy! Have a wonderful trip to Arizona with your family. Hopefully we'll get updates while you're there! Take care.