Thursday, March 24, 2011

Imagination Celebration

Tucked away in the nearby mall is the neatest little place, Imagination Celebration. This fun, educational gem provides classes, performances and outreach programs to the community. They also provide a store, themed art displays and much much more. I have been with the kids one other time, but it was a spontaneous and rushed visit. Today our trip to Imagination Celebration was planned, with plenty of time to spare, and FUN! We also enjoyed our time with our good friends over at The Faery Inn.

I have to say that the name, Imagination Celebration, couldn't be anymore perfect for what this organization offers. My kids spent a good two hours crafting, running, climbing, reading, building, exploring and dressing up. We went for one of their free spring break programs, and oh my goodness was it fun.

Here are some pictures from today's activities

Me and Audrey decorating a quilt block
Christian making a kite, which he later got to fly throughout the building

These two guys are the cutest little buddies. They both gave the whale kisses.

You know that ring stacking toy? This was a giant one that you could climb on and also take the rings on and off. Super fun!

Of course the boys spent time building with blocks

Audrey read books while lounging
 While the kids did so much during today's visit, there was still so much left to explore. Sounds like the perfect excuse to head on over again soon.


Anonymous said...

That picture of Audrey makes me laugh. I love it!

GG said...

I Love all these pictures all of them Thank You will wait for Birthday ones