Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cars Birthday Party

I was so happy to watch him enjoy his special afternoon. Here are some photos from Christian's Cars party.

The kids painted wooden cars

They also made traffic light loot bags

They had an obstacle course complete with tires

Go Christian, Go


Toy Story cars - Soooo cute

He wasn't sure whether he liked Rex, or was scared of Rex

All smiles during the birthday song

Make a wish

Pull string pinata

In the tires

Happy Birthday!


GG said...

Oh so cute he is just like the other 2. Three beautiful babiesaccording to GG. ha Looks like he had a great time with all the toys the cake looked great and loved the last picture in the tire so great ending
Thanks GG Loved it

Tricia said...

Found you through UBP. I have 2 girls and now a boy (7 mos old). Love your Cars party. I'm going to have to file away your ideas for it! Thanks.

quiverfull said...

This looks like our kind of party! the tires are such a cute touch. With 7 kids at home, it feels like every day is some kind of party... thanks for sharing your beautiful family, and for being part of making UBP possible! Its my first year, and it's a little overwhelming, but i've met so many great people. can't wait to get to know the sparrows better.