Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 22 - Those Childhood Days

Man, am I behind or what? So, for Day 22, I am supposed to talk about a game that I played often as a child.

Many of my memories from my childhood in Connecticut, involve the outdoors. I was always outside. I would wander around and pick wildflowers for my mom. I would spend hours searching for four leaf clovers in my front yard. My brother and I often played a game involving a tennis ball and the garage door. I did a lot of running, walking and biking.

My mom would write up scavenger hunts for me, and I would spend a big chunk of the afternoon outside, trying to find everything on the list.

My best friend and neighbor, Abby, and I would spend long days playing Snow White and Rose Red. Our backyards were connected, so in our game we would span both yards and even sometimes venture into portions of the woods behind our yards.

I can't remember specifics, but I think that she was always Snow White and I was Rose Red and we would make up little adventures. We would escape from the mean witch or try to rescue our friends who were tied up in a nearby castle.

Our imaginations ran wild as did our little bodies. I remember having so much fun as a kid playing with Abby.

In this photo you can see my mom holding my baby brother. Next to my brother is Abby, then me and then Alan, Abby's brother. My house is the white one that you can see in the background. *sigh* I miss Connecticut.


Seedplanter Designs said...

Erica, I loved scavenger hunts, too! When our kids were young, we'd take them camping and one of the first things they'd want to do was go on a hunt for nature items on our list.

Fun memories!

thefaeryinn said...

I love stories about people's childhoods...