Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yellow is Hope

Thanks to my friend, Tiffany, I happened upon a fun little site, Plinky. It is filled with creative writing prompts to help inspire. This evening I decided to give it a try. I searched through various prompts until I found the perfect one:

"What color is your mood right now?"

The answer was surprisingly easy.

My mood is yellow and yellow = HOPE.

Yellow is the canary who sings its song, even when caged or in a storm.

Yellow is the sun rising each morning to remind us of the brand new day ahead. A chance to try again, start refreshed, achieve new goals.

Yellow is the color of the ribbon that is placed on trees in anticipation of a soldier's safe return home.

Yellow is a wish on a shooting star.

Yellow is the beam of the lighthouse directing the ships to safety.

Yellow is the butterfly's delicate wings emerging from a cocoon.

Yellow is hope.

I decided that I will spend the next seven days or so on my blog focusing on the word, hope. I will share songs, quotes, Bible verses and art, because "once you choose hope, anything's possible."  ~ Christopher Reeve