Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Love of Brothers

The boys share a room. Christian's crib is on one end, while Isaiah's toddler bed is on the other.

Some nights we wait for one of the boys to fall into a deep sleep before putting the other to bed. Other nights they go to bed at the same time, usually staying up for a good 40 minutes or so just yapping away at each other.

Isaiah usually repeats Christian's ha-dah's and yi yi yi's. Sometimes there is laughter. It can be quite cute.

What really makes me melt though, is when late at night, before heading to bed myself, I quietly tip toe into their room to find Isaiah's bed empty.

And there, resting on his quilt on the floor, is Isaiah. He lays himself under the crib with his head barely peeking out......positioning himself almost directly under his brother. It is so cute.

I guess they won't have any problems when it comes time for bunk beds. I have a sneaking suspicion that Isaiah will choose the bottom bunk.