Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Why My Mister Doesn't Need Toys

So my 20 month old, the mister, doesn't need anybody to buy him toys, because he barely plays with them.
Instead, he will spend an hour, at the unplugged microwave. He opens it, places a toy pan in it, and then closes it. He then repeats that a million times.
He takes out the pots and pans, goes to my utensil drawer to grab a spoon, and stirs imaginary food around in a pan. He then walks to the table to place the pan up there. He repeats that a bagillion times as well.
And his favorite toy lately is an empty gallon jug.
He takes the lid off and puts it back on and off and on and off and on. He throws it down the stairs and then fetches it. And he repeats that a dozen times.
So, I think we are saving tons of money on toys for him.

My 4 year old little miss on the other hand, has a room full of toys, but claims that she has nothing to play with. She then lists off tons of toys and movies to me each day that she wants me to go and buy for her. I always tell her no, because I will not allow my kids to be spoiled.
Maybe I should hand her an empty milk jug and tell her to go have fun!