Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Part 3 - 100 Things UBB10 Edition

Alright, here is the final installment of my 100 things. :D

67. The first baseball game I ever went to was in 1988. I went with my dad to see the Red Sox at Fenway. I still have the ticket.....

68. I am not a bath person....but I do so love a long, hot shower!

69. In 4th grade, I visited Arizona with my family. It was the trip that was the deciding factor on moving our family out there. My 4th grade teacher at the time told me that I would find fossils at the Grand Canyon and she wanted me to bring one back for the class. I spent the entire time we were at the Grand Canyon, picking up every rock in sight and asking my parents if it was a fossil.

70. A few years ago, I watched a video from that trip, and seriously, I must have asked...."Is this a fossil?"...over 10,000 times. I am surprised my parents didn't push me off of a ledge. (I never found one, btw).

71. I order my whopper with cheese, lettuce and mayo only.

72. I am very behind on scrapbooking. I am up to about age 2 in Audrey's. She is 6 now...and I think I have 3 pages of Isaiah's baby book done...he is 3 1/2. I haven't started Christian's yet, and he is 2.

73. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a teacher, lawyer or broadcast journalist.

74. My mom was diagnosed with multiple Sclerosis in her thirties. Now that I am 30, I find myself from time to time worrying that I might get MS.

75. I do not like dark chocolate.

76. I do not let my kids watch Spongebob. There was an episode on once, that I was listening to as background noise...and they spent the entire episode making fun of some character, because he was fat. The things that they were saying were unbelievable. So, yes, no spongebob allowed.

77. As a kid in Connecticut, I have memories of ice skating on a pond near my house. I love ice skating.

78. This past December I went ice skating at Rockefeller....it was soooo much fun.

79. I hate Captain Crunch cereal.

80. I love Wheaties or Total with just a hint of sugar and some sliced bananas.

81. When I was a kid, I used to tell my friends that I had played the youngest little girl in the Sound of Music movie. I would then go on to perform some of the musical numbers from the film.

82. I have yet to make it through Star Wars (the first one, or wait maybe it is now the last one, the one with Carrie Fisher...THERE!) I always fall asleep, always. It's one of my husband's favorite movies...yet I can't keep myself awake during it. :(

83. I had a warrant out for my arrest once. I had a court date for a traffic ticket. I read the court date wrong...I swear their 4 looked like a 9, so I didn't show up, and they put a warrant out. I lucked out and was able to rush to the courthouse and take care of it before they could arrest me first. I guess, had I waited until the next day, they would have arrested me at the courthouse, then after I posted bail, they would have allowed me to reschedule the court date or something. SO WEIRD!

84. I've held an Emmy before....my uncle's.

85. I would love to live in Long Island, NY. IT'S BEAUTIFUL...and a short train ride away from the city.

86. I used to go to Cape Cod a lot as a kid....LOVED IT!

87. When I was 8, I was stung repeatedly by tons and TONS of angry wasps, after my brother disturbed a nest. Those suckers don't die when they sting you. They were in our pants, socks...they were everywhere. My neighbor came over and covered us in mud.

88. I like hard, firm pillows....BUT my absolute favorite pillow ever, was the one I slept on at the Four Seasons. OH MY, best pillow EVER! I still want to hit up a Four Seasons gift shop, just to buy a pillow...they sell them there for $75.00. (great idea for Mother's Day present)

89. I once had a white baby grand piano. It was my 16th birthday present....but my parents sold it a few years later because supposedly the swamp cooler in our house was ruining it or something.

90. I used to love dancing. I took dance from ages 3-9, but stopped when I was forced to choose between dance or a year round choir. I chose singing instead. :D

91. I wish that I had done more musical theatre as a kid...that is one thing I didn't do a whole lot of. I know I would have LOVED IT!

92. I have never had a massage...from a spa...maybe I should get one some day.

93. I am not good at spending money on myself, but I LOVE buying gifts for others.

94. Psalm 139:9-10 is my favorite Bible verse...has been since I was 13.

94. I love watching fire.

95. I am not good at taking care of my vehicles...from keeping them clean...to getting oil changes on time...I treat my cars so badly...good thing I drive GM/Chevy...their vehicles last!

96. I love the Die Hard movies. Last year I saw all of them....LOVE THEM. I should buy them all.

97. Roman Holiday, Life is Beautiful, I Am Sam, Moulin Rouge, The Notebook and Passion of the Christ are just a few of my favorite movies.

98. The Notebook was still a better book than movie.

99. I am a Twi-hard...it's true, I admit it. I love the Twilight series. Eclipse is my favorite book of the 4...and I can't wait to see the movie. Of course the books are a million times better than the movies.

100. I sang on stage once (Gammage) with the Brady Bunch mom....Florence Henderson...so cool, I know. LOL


thefaeryinn said...

I loved reading all of these. Just one comment...

If you order your Whopper lettuce, mayo, and cheese only, is it still really a Whopper? I think not. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it! HA!

SH said...

Great blog ! Visiting from the UBP ! hope you'll stop by www.bargainfun.net

Jenny said...

omgar! i thought i was the only one who hated cap'n crunch. awesome!!

this is a great list. i should do one myself but uhm... iuno if i could do it w/out repeating myself 5 million times ;)

Tori said...

Loved reading your 100 things ... it has inspired me. I might have to do this on my blog. :)

You are braver than I am. I don't think I could have done the sky rocket thing. I don't like heights either. lol


Momstart said...

There is so much to learn about you. I like Captain Crunch, but not any of the variations.

And you were in trouble with the law, I just can't believe it. ;-)

Carrie Cooper said...

Carrie @ comfortedbyGod.blogspot.com

Cute list and great idea! Its amazing to think of all those little details about ourselves that we forget or take for granted. Youve made me think of a few things for myself.

Laura said...

#81 about The Sound of Music was hilarious!

This was fun to read.

Come on over for some mom inspiration and encouragement.

Jenny said...

aww you haven't posted in a while...

Traci said...

I love that you still have the Red Sox ticket! That's lovely.

And what a cute little dancer you were!

Have a great day!