Sunday, April 11, 2010

100 Things Part 2 - UBP10 Edition

35. I am really shy around people I don't know and am very socially awkward in that way. I am more of an observer.

36. I would rather get a pedicure over a manicure

37. I love purple roses, tulips of any color and purple orchids.

38. I stink at doing hair and makeup, which is why I usually go natural..scrunch my hair and put on foundation, lip gloss and a hint of mascara.

39. If I do buy makeup, I prefer MAC

40. I want Moulin Rouge to turn into a Broadway musical and I want to play the part of Satine.

41. I lead my daughter's Girl Scout troop and we have a camping trip coming up in July. I have to attend an 8 hour outdoor cooking class/camping class before they can go on their trip. (we are staying in a building that has a I don't even think I should even consider it a camping trip.

42. By the end of the 8 hour class, I am going to be an outdoor cooking genius!

43. When I was 3 1/2 my parents entered me into a beauty pageant. Part of the final score was based on observing us as we interacted with our peers in a play setting. I lost a lot of points that round, because I was very bossy with the other girls!

44. In high school, I was never asked to a single dance. I did go to prom my senior year with my boyfriend (now hubby) but that doesn't count..he didn't technically ask me.

45. My biggest fault, I think, is my temper. It used to take a lot to get me going, but I feel I have just been running low on patience a lot lately. I am a yeller and am not proud of it.

46. My husband is not a yeller, he is an avoider....and it really bugs him when I yell, which makes me feel even worse when I do.

47. I'm working on it.

48. I don't really show that temper side to anybody else...just my kids and hubby are the lucky ones who get to witness it. :( I firmly believe that if the hubby would just stop me and hug me when I get that way, I'd calm down...but that has yet to be tested.

49. I hate pineapple and cherries.

50. I have seen Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Miss Saigon, Beauty and the Beast and Mama Mia on broadway. I didn't care for Mama Mia. It wasn't one I wanted to see, I took my mom. I loved Beauty and the Beast and Miss Saigon.

51. I really want to see Wicked.

52. I have seen phantom 3 times (my mom loves that one). Every single time, I have fallen asleep in the 3rd act. No idea why.

53. I named my daughter after Audrey Hepburn. I fell in love with Audrey Hepburn after watching a movie about her called The Audrey Hepburn story. It stars Jennifer Love Hewitt. I then fell in love with Audrey's movie, Roman Holiday. Audrey Hepburn was an incredible woman!

54. My daughter also has the same name as Faith Hill - "Audrey Faith".

55. When I was a young kid (4-7) I used to spend hours in my room, listening to records on my Fisher Price record player. I would just sing and dance up in my room for most of the day. Man, my mom had it good. :D

56. I have such a fear of someone breaking into our home. I have had that fear since I was 4 years old. I used to wake my dad up almost every night and make him walk down into the basement to check for bad guys. Even now, I wake up to any small sound....look out the window when I hear something. I have even convinced my husband once or twice that someone was in our house or basement. I'm a nut.

57. My hubby wants to buy a gun. I am concerned to have one in the house with the kids, but I know we can keep it locked up and such.

58. I do think it would be fun to go shooting. I've never done that before.

59. I would love to meet Martina McBride some day. I just love her.

60. My closet is a complete disaster. It's a mess. Whenever there is clutter and I have nowhere to stash it, I pile it up in my closet......I should clean it out.

61. I stink at doing the bills and managing finances. My hubby recently took over around October 2009...since then we have paid off and closed our credit cards and started putting money into savings...and he started investing some in stocks too.

62. When finances are in order, there is so much less stress.

63. When I was in high school, I wanted so badly to work as a psychologist at a children's hospital...working with the child cancer patients, but then I became interested in autism.

64. Next I considered music therapy as a possible way to work with autistic kids. But after observing a music therapy session, I decided it wasn't for me.

65. I then went to school to work toward eventually getting a master's in work with children with autism. But being a mom came first. I will be a junior in college probably for the rest of my life....and paying off student loans for that long too.

66. I have a scar on my right leg from burning myself on a motorcycle exhaust pipe thingy when I was eleven. I was leaning against one that a friend of my dad's had just parked in our driveway. I lost my balance and hit the exhaust pipe. I remember a whole layer of skin was black and shriveled. It was gross.

I will post part 3 (67-100) on Monday


Ginny Marie said...

I don't think I could even think of 100 things to write about myself! You have a great list going. I love the names of your children. Audrey Hepburn is an incredible actress.

I really want to see Wicked, too! I've seen Chess and Les Mis, but nothing else...I have to add to that list!

Mama Sparrow said...

Oh I like the music to chess. :D

Hello! I'm Kate. said...

#60 is my LIFE! Stopping by from the UBP! I'm a new follower & am so glad I found the party! said...

Wow!! Amazing job with your introduction. We'd love to have you stop by our place:

Happy PArty Hoppin'

Stacey said...

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Nice to meet you!

homeschoolceo said...

Hi there!

I love your blog design and tagline! Can't wait to read more of you blog :)