Sunday, June 15, 2008

Summer Prayer

Four years ago, I found this beautiful prayer in a Christian Women's magazine. I loved it so much, that I tore it out and kept it on my fridge. It is still there to this day.....and I thought that this morning I would share it with you.

Dear Heavenly Father,
I want to spend this summer season enjoying your presence. Help me to carve out times of quiet amid the chaos of daily life. Let me be aware of the sacred in the ordinary: the music of a child's laugh, the stained-glass perfection of butterfly wings, the joy of licking a cold Popsicle on a hot day. Draw my attention to teachable moments. Lord, I ask for an extra dose of patience for everything from spilled juice to sweaty temper tantrums. Keep my voice calm, my words gentle. As we spend time outdoors together enjoying your beautiful world, hold my children in the palm of your hand. Keep them safe from all danger and distress. I am so grateful, dear Lord, that you have entrusted me with these little ones.
In Jesus' name,

- Cindy Crosby