Tuesday, January 29, 2008

She'll Make A Great Mommy Someday

My miss is a doll. She loves to watch cooking shows. The first time I caught her watching one, I was shocked. It had come on on PBS, that we had just happened to have on all day long, and she watched it intently. She was very excited as she watched the chef chop up peppers. She also loves to help me bake, as most little girls do.

Recently, she got her first pair of scissors. She has been begging for scissors, and I finally found a pair for 4 year olds with blunt edges. So, lately she has been cutting paper and what not. It's funny to watch. She holds them all wrong and cuts all crooked. It's really cute. I do help her out, but she seems to always go back to her funny way of cutting.

On Sunday morning, she got into a bag of felt that I had bought to use with the day care kids last year. She had her little scissors out, and was cutting away at it.

She told me that she was cutting "fabwic" to make a blanket for a baby, just like you do, mommy.

She then asked me to get her a sewing machine. So, I told her that on her fifth birthday, if she still wants one, I will get her a sewing machine for big girls. I think they make ones for young girls. And I told her we could sew together.
Here's the one I am thinking about for her birthday, which isn't until the fall.
And, it's only $29. In case she decides she isn't cut out for sewing. She may still be a little young though, so I can hold on to it for her if she is.

Tonight, she wanted to watch a cooking show, but there weren't any on. I looked at her and told her that she will make a great mommy someday, since she seems to like to cook and that her baby will be warm with a nice blanket that she'll make. And she said, "Yep, I know."