Monday, September 3, 2007

Conversation with the miss

Tonight at dinner, I had the following conversation with the 3 1/2 year old miss.

Miss: I am a princess
Me: You are?
Miss: Yes.
Me: And where do you live?
Miss: In a castle with two cars.
Me: Two cars, huh? What colors are they?
Miss: Purple and yellow and I have a truck. It is yellow with black on top.
And my hands do magic and I turn into pink Spiderman.
Me: Oh, I see.
Miss: And I have two boys waiting for me downstairs.
Me: You do? How old are they?
Miss: Six (She then rests her head on her hand and smiles at me)
Me: Two six year old boys downstairs?
Miss: Yes, in the playroom and they are climbing all over the place. And I tell them they will get owies that hurt real bad.
Me: Oh. Do you have any pets?
Miss: Yes, they are in my bath eating.
Me: They eat in the bath, in your bath?
Miss: Yes
Me: Doesn't that get messy for you to take a bath in?
Miss: No, there's a table in there. They eat at the table.
Me: There is a table in your bath?
Miss: Yes. It is their house.
Me: Oh, your bath is their house?
Miss: Yes.
The hubby then entered in's a bath house.

Good ol' hubby making the dad jokes.