Thursday, August 23, 2007


I have been missing this. And in my walk, I need this. So, this Sunday, August 26th, Psalms Sunday will return with Psalm 42.

If you are new to Psalms Sunday this is how it works:
Each Sunday there will be a new Psalm to read and discuss. For now, we will go in order and not skip around, beginning with Psalm 42.

If you participate, all I ask is that you share what the Psalm meant to you. Maybe there was a verse or two that spoke to you. Maybe the Psalm made you think of a story you would like to share with us. Maybe you would like to paraphrase the Psalm. Or maybe you would like to do an in-depth word study. What you write, what you share is up to you.

Write your post on Sunday and sign the Mister Linky. Try to visit all the participants if you can, so that together we can share and discuss the Word.

So I will see you here on Sunday, August 26th, when we read and discuss Psalm 42.