Sunday, June 17, 2007

Theatre Survey

Theatre Survey

1) What was the first play you ever did? What role/job?
When I was 6, It was a community theatre prodcution of Really Rosie. I was Rosie.

2) What was your most recent show?
I haven't done a show since I was at school in Huntington...I was in the musical, Side Show, there. That was in 2001.

3) What was your most fun show/role?
Grease. I just thought it was a fun cast...although I didn't ever feel like I quite fit in.

4) What was your most challenging show/role?
My parts in Side Show, only because the director nitpicked me a lot! I remember being so frustrated and crying and working my butt off. I found out later, that he really liked me, as a performer, and he wanted me to work to my potential.

5) What is the most bizarre show or role you've ever done?
I can't remember having any bizarre roles. But I did have to wear a tight sports bra and have my chest tightly wrapped numerous times to try to make it appear like I was a young girl, when I played Tootie my senior year. Since she was like a six year old girl. It didn't work, though.

6) Has anyone ever written a show for you?

7) Have you ever gotten romantically involved with a co-star?

8) Have you ever quit a show to accept a better one?

9) Have you ever completely blown character on stage?
At Huntington, I sang a duet of In His Eyes from Jekyll and Hyde. GREAT SONG! And while we were singing it, there was a slide show going on behind us and I guess they messed it up or something and it was during the most challenging part of the song and everyone was laughing at the messed up slide show and I totally screeched my high note, because I was all intimidated by the laughter.

10) What show are you just dying to do?
If Moulin Rouge is ever turned into a musical, I want to be Satine.

11) Have you ever done one of your "dream" shows?
Yep, Sandy in Grease..the role I always wanted.

12) Who was your favorite director?
This guy, in Connecticut, who ran YPPCCA..Young People's Performance center of Creative Arts. I did many shows and camps there and he died of a heart attack, I think, when I was in 4th grade. It was very sad.

13) Who was your least favorite director?
When I did Grease at Desert Stages, I didn't like Gerry at all...but then I did Fiddler on the Roof with him and was just blown away by him. An amazing, amazing guy he was.

14) What is the most surprising role you have ever been offered?
Hodel in Fiddler on the Roof. It was Jessica Godber's role, but she had to leave the show when there were only a couple of weeks of rehearsals left. I got a call from the director asking me to the role, and I was I would never have pictured myself doing that show or trying out for it. But I loved playing the role of Hodel.

15) Have you ever injured yourself onstage?

16) Have you ever worked on an original play?

17) What show have you done multiple times?
I don't think I have done a show multiple times.

+++Where did number 18 go?+++

19) What roles do you usually get?
In High School, I played a child in most of the musicals. I was Amaryllis in The Music Man and then Tootie in Meet me in St. Louis
Cuz I looked like I was 10.

20) Have you ever had an onstage kiss?

21) What was your scariest moment in a show?
I can't recall a scary moment.

22) What is your best show memory?
I think the last show of Meet me in St. Louis in High School, just because it was our senior year and our last show and all.

23) What is your worst show memory?
Getting broken up with several minutes before I had to go on stage and deliver the opening line of the play.

24) Have you ever pulled a prank on someone in a show?
Um, I can't remember...I am sure I was a part of some prank.

25) Have you ever been the recipient of a prank during a show?