Monday, June 18, 2007

About Her Daddy

Here's what the miss said about her daddy...when I asked her specific questions. This was part of her Father's Day present.

My daddy has black hair and brown eyes
(he actually has brown hair and blue eyes, so hubby asked the miss who her daddy is)
My daddy likes to cook eggs. They're not bad.
My daddy likes to relax by going outside.
My daddy likes to buy presents.
He likes to watch baseball on television and sing Happy Birthday to me.
If my daddy could take a trip anywhere, he would go to the moon.
My daddy always gets the flies.
I love to play ball with my daddy and throw it at him. I like to play in the snow with him and make snowballs.
When my daddy slid down the stairs and was holding me, it made me laugh a lot.
Daddy always tells me that he'll give me chocolate.
I love my daddy a lot.