Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

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So I have seen many of you do this theme lately and I thought, hey, why not. So, here are 13 of my favorite Christmas songs. Oh, and I apologize for the redundancy in my descriptions of the songs. I think I say I looove it under each one. It is very early in the morning, I am not awake yet, and my writing skills are lacking quite a bit at the moment.

1. O Holy Night. - This is my absolute favorite Christmas song. I love it. I love most renditions of it that I hear. Although, yesterday I heard a gal on the radio who just butchered the beautiful song. But, this is my favorite to listen to and to sing. I looooooooove it!

2. Silent Night - Such a beautiful song. I think of it as a lullaby. I love to listen to Jewel's version of this song. Having been in choirs most of my life, I have sung this song many, many times....even in German. I can still even remember the German translation......Stile Nacht.

3. Jesu Joy- So, this song wasn't written to be a Christmas song, but it is on many Christmas albums. I think we use the song more often in weddings. But I love performing this song and listening to it.

4. It Came Upon A Midnight Clear/Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem- Okay, so when I was a kid, I had a Cabbage Patch Kids Christmas album. On it was a version of It Came Upon A midnight Clear that would flow into Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem. It was my favorite song on the album and I think I would listen to it over and over and over again. To this day, I still looove listening to these two songs, just not by the Cabbage Patch Kids.

5. Breath Of Heaven - What a gorgeous song and it really beautifully captures how Mary felt. I love hearing the story from Mary's perspective. Amy Grant has the best version that I have heard thus far. I used to perform Breath Of Heaven every Christmas at my church. GREAT SONG!

6. Coventry Carol- I performed this song as a child while in The Phoenix Girls Chorus and I always loved it.

7. Candlelight Carol- I have heard a few versions of this song, but my favorite is on Neil Diamond's Christmas album which I purchased a few years ago specifically for this song. I had heard it on the radio and loved it so much. I love the melody and the lyrics. Beautiful. If you have never heard it or have never heard Neil Diamond's version, I suggest you do. It's BEAUTIFUL!

8. The Chipmunks Christmas song- So, I don't remember the name of this one right now off the top of my head. But I know you must know what I am talking about. It is the one where the Chipmunks sing about what they want for Christmas and for santa to not be late. It's a cute song. I also had this album as a kid and it was my FAVORITE album because of the cover.
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On the cover, the calendar is opened to December 21st, which is my birthday, so I loved that my birthday was on the album. I used to listen to the Chipmunks sing tons of Christmas songs over and over again. It must have driven my parents crazy.

9. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - Such a beautiful song, especially when sung by Frank Sinatra. I was in the musical, Meet Me In St. Louis, which is where this song is from. So, it also has sentimental meaning.

10. All I want For Christmas Is You - Yes, the song by Mariah Carey. I hate to admit it, but it's fun to sing and I love how it starts out slow and then all of a sudden, you're jamming to it. It's got a great beat. I do think it is way too overplayed however.

11. Ave Maria - If sung by the right person, especially in a huge concert hall or church, this song is absolutely breathtaking.

12. Veni Veni Emmanuel - Another song I loved performing at Christmastime. I just really love it...don't know why.

13. I'll Be Home For Christmas - I love the lyrics...I love the melody. And I love that I will be home for Christmas this year. :o)

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