Sunday, December 17, 2006

Invisible Children

As some of you may know, I have been yapping a lot about the Invisible Children. It is a documentary filmed by three young guys who discovered the atrocities taking place against the children in Northern Uganda. The story of the Invisible Children put the children of Uganda on my heart in a major way. I am going to go on a mission trip in June to Uganda to work with some orphans. I won't however be in Northern Uganda. But now that a cease fire has been issued, I may consider going to Northern Uganda a couple of years from now if the opportunity presents itself.

Anyway, I found a link that had the entire Invisible Children film on it. It is 55 minutes long. I have it posted here for you. It may take a few to load. Please don't be turned off by the first fifteen minutes or so of it. WATCH THE WHOLE THING!!!!
I feel that the last twenty minutes or so of it is the most moving. And everything before helps explain it all.

Again, there was a cease fire signed after 20 years of violence, death and atrocities toward the children in Northern Uganda. The U.N. as well as the Government of Uganda are working to find homes for all of the children as well as education and therapy. The children who were abducted and forced to join the LRA, were trained and brainwashed at a young age to kill. They were desensitized to it all by witnessing the brutal deaths of other abducted children. So, as you can imagine, these thousands upon thousands of children have a lot of emotional issues to deal with.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child from Northern Uganda, you can contact Far Reaching Ministries. 951-677-4474. Steve and I have sponsored a little Kenyan boy through them since 2001. I just received a letter today though that recently a young boy in the orphanage that Far Reaching Minsitries had worked at, had been abusing many of the young girls at the orphanage. The director was refusing FRM's help in finding him a new home and were going to continue keeping him there. FRM decided that the situation wasn't right for them and are now focusing on helping two orphanages in Northern Uganda. So, our sponsorship is going to switch over to a child in Northern Uganda. So, anyway, if you are interested, contact them.