Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Well, I had my glucose test today to test for gestational diabetes. I had to fast last night, so I couldn't eat after 7:30 P.M., which I hated. Anyway, the stuff you have to drink for the test never bothered me when I was pregnant with the miss, but DH's boss who is also pregnant and due close to when I am, got sick from it and felt loopy afterwards. So, because of that, she told DH to go with me and stay at the lab with me and then take me home. So we and the little miss went to the lab bright and early this morning. We were there for an hour and a half. Because, after you drink the stuff, you have to sit for an hour before your blood can be drawn. I brought a huge bag though of stuff for the miss and she was very very well behaved. The only time she got upset was when I grabbed one of the six books I had brought and gave it to a mom sitting by me with a two year old who didn't want to sit still. She was trying to entertain him, but he was bored. The moment I handed it over, the miss started crying and saying mine. So, we gave it back to Aher. Of course she held onto it the rest of the time. She wasn't using the book before that point. But that is her age right now. She is starting to learn about sharing, but right now in her development, she is concerned about her own needs and that is normal.
Anyway, she was really good at the lab with us and I was very impressed.
She is starting to really get into letters. She pointed to a D on one of my day care kid's shirts and said, "D". So, I think that is great.

I've decided that it is time to start sharing Bible stories with the miss. I think she is at a good age for it. I was watching my Psychology lecture last night and the professor had a 2 1/2 year old with her for the first few minutes of the lecture and was just showing us some of her development. Anyway, the little girl must have been a daughter of a friend or family member. But she asked the girl if they could talk about the story of the hurt man. She of course meant the story of the Good Samaritan. So the professor started saying how a poor man was laying on the side of the rode hurt. she said that a Priest walked by. Then she asked the little girl, "Did the Priest help the hurt man?" And the little girl said, "No." Then the prof. said that "the Levite walked by next and did he help the hurt man?" And the little girl again said no. So then the professor asked the girl, "then another man came and who was he?" And the girl said, "I don't know." Then my professor said, "Oh, yes, you do. you like to pretend to be him." And the little girl said, "Oh the samaritan." The way she said it was soooo cute. Then the professor said that the samaritan put the hurt man on his donkey. Anyway, after they finished the story, the professor asked the little girl if she likes to help people. Then she asked the little girl, "What would you do if your sister was hurt?" The little girl said, "I'll put her on my donkey." It made me chuckle and I realized that it's time for the miss to learn about the Bible. I mean we pray and talk about Jesus, but it's time for the Bible stories. :o)